Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Brand Name Threads

Back in high school, everybody was into brand name clothing. We would buy shirts with huge logos on them letting the world know where we bought our garments from. It would let people know how well off we were and indicated status. If you had the right threads then you were the coolest. I remember buying 4 t-shirts for about $100 when they were on sale. I made out like a bandit.

Looking back at it...boy were we suckers. We would throw piles of cash away to get an insanely overpriced t-shirt. On top of that, you had this huge advertisement plastered across your chest, essentially making you a walking billboard for the company. Paying more and giving them free publicity? No thank you, not anymore.

I can purchase a nice plain white tee for under $10 or get one for $25; basically paying an extra $15 for the privilege of having some sort of bird ironed on to the shirt (you know which stores I'm talking about). Plus, I heard that clothes with logos on them are tacky now. Well, according to some magazines - and magazines would never lie right? In one men magazine that I was browsing through, a rule about brands was this: don't wear clothes with logos on them, unless you happen to own the company or are being paid to wear them. So unless you're married to Beyonce, don't wear clothes like that.*

I personally believe it; less and less people are wearing clothes that have the brands showing off more than that one kid in lecture that has to answer every. single. question. Man I hate that kid. It's not the fact that he (or she) has to answer every question in order to increase his sense of self-worth, but the fact that he also asks questions which have very little to do with the lecture and drags the class out even longer! Gah!

*Ahem* I digress, I even noticed that the latest threads coming from those hip stores are reducing the size of there logos and making them more subtle. Putting them in the corners of shirts or even taking them off altogether. That's more for female clothing though. I guess men are more stubborn when it comes to growing up (guys with popped collars - you know who you are).

To my university people: you've grown up, so you wardrobe should grow up with you. Not only will buying clothes from places that don't put huge brands on them save you a boatload of money, you'll look a lot more classy too. Win-win deals are my kind of deals.

To the parents out there with tweens/teenagers: ...better go ask for that raise because back to school shopping is going to be mighty costly.

Maybe it's just me, so what have you guys noticed in terms of fashion trends? Are you into brands?

-the Paperboy

*I'm by no means somebody with amazing fashion sense (but do look pretty darn good if I say so myself). Take that advice with a grain of salt. However, the point that saving a substantial amount of money when buying clothes from other places is something to take home.

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