Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dividend Progress Report: August 2012 Edition

Total yield of portfolio - 4.52% (+ 0.04%)
Actual dividends received - $946.35 (+ $101.81)
Expected dividends return if the current positions are held for 1 year -  $1682.47 (+ $77.54)
Average dividends received per month: $118.29 (- $2.36)

My total yield inched higher last month even though I purchased units of CLF which lowered my average yield. This was due to increases in dividends by four of my holdings! This is great news especially after the hit from CFX I took last month. Again I was caught off my game as I missed the announcement of Royal Bank increasing dividends, but before I could rectify the issue in this update, the company hiked its dividends again! Now everything should be accounted for.

Dividends received this month were a little below average bringing the average dividends/month down to $118.29. Due to all the dividends increases and the purchase of CLF, the expected dividends return if current positions are held for 1 year climbed back up after the hit from CFX. I'm really hoping to reach $2200 by the end of December but I'm doubtful it will happen. I'll just keep putting away as much as I can and see how close I can get to my goal.

Overall, August wasn't a bad month. Here's hoping September will be good to me as well.

-the Paperboy

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