Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Online Classifieds: Part III

In the last two articles, I compared Craigslist and Kijiji (two very popular online classifieds) and I also talked about how to set up an ad to help you get rid of some of your old unwanted junk. Now let's go over how to arrange a meeting to seal the deal.

Once a buyer has contacted you (or you contacted a seller) and the final price has been settled upon, agree on a place to meet up. This should be a public location to be safe. The only reason I would go to someone's home or let them know where I live is if the item is too large to move to the local Tim Horton's (ex. furniture).

Now that the location has been determined, decide on a time and date that is convenient for both of you. You may also want to ask for a contact number in case something goes wrong (ex. you're running late). Some people will also tell you what they'll be wearing in order for you to recognize them quicker. 
Finally, once you have actually met up with the person, it is important for you to not rush through the transaction. Even if you're in a rush or just plain shy, take the time to examine the product if you're a buyer. There were countless times where I bought some video games and brought them home only to find that the games weren't inside the case, or the game disc were severely scratched resulting in unplayable games. Just politely ask the seller if you can inspect the item before you buy it. Most people will be understanding and it will only take a few minutes.

On the flip side, if you're the seller, offer the buyer the opportunity to check out the item first. It may be different for other items but for video games, there's a certain amount of trust required because games can't be tested until the buyer gets home and pops it into his or her game console. Take the time to test out the product at home and let the buyer know that he or she should feel free to contact you in case the item is broken. This will give him or her peace of mind.

Now that I showed you the ropes, you can sell all your old stuff or even do some wheel and dealing in your local area on items that you have an expertise on - just don't deal video games in Toronto okay? I have enough competition as it is...

-the Paperboy

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