Tuesday, 10 April 2012

March Budget 2012 Review

I actually got to the budget in the first half of the month this time. That makes me proud. The spending however... that's pretty embarrassing. Again the food and entertainment is killing me. Every time I add it up I'm always surprised because during the month, I don't feel that I'm going out a lot. I guess it's just that when I actually do go out, I spend a lot.

As for the item purchases, the reason I spent so much this month was because I got myself a birthday gift... a new iPhone! I don't buy expensive stuff often (well at least relative to some people I know) and I would never have done it if my old phone was working fine. The thing is, the home button on my old 3GS was broken for a couple months and an opportunity to get a new phone fell into my lap so I took it. Once a year is okay right...? Anyway, I know I make a lot of excuses when I post about my budget so I'm going to try extra hard for April.

It should help that it's exam time so I'm just pent up in my room for the majority of the month. Can't think about spending money if I'm studying all the time. Once school's over you can expect more posts so hang tight... maybe I'll start writing about investing and saving for once... you know making that paper and stuff.

-the Paperboy

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