Sunday, 26 February 2012

March Budget 2012

Alright let's try the same numbers for the month of March. I think February is going to end up being a rough month because reading week alone destroyed my budget for food. Come to think about it, the most difficult part of the budget is the food and entertainment part. I can restrain myself from buying things, but grabbing a bite to eat with friends is so enticing. It's not that I constantly eat out (which I did last year, and that didn't do so well for my wallet), but going out even three times a month is too much. Paying for two people doesn't help, but paying for my girlfriend is one of those things that I'm not willing to give up (I have to be at least a half-decent boyfriend right?). I haven't decided what to do yet, on one hand going over the budget every month is discouraging, while on the other hand, I already reduced my spending significantly and I would still like some sort of a social life. We'll see how March goes, but my birthday falls in March so some crazy stuff might go down...

-the Paperboy

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