Monday, 31 October 2011

November 2011 Budget

Hey guys, I know I haven't really been posting lately, but that's due to the crazy workload that school decided to drop on me. I actually have a couple posts I want to do so once midterms are over you can bet I'll be putting up some stuff.  I actually have a midterm on Halloween, and one the following day. Who does that?! How am I going to go Trick-o-Treating to Halloween parties?

Anyways here's November's budget. I'm going to leave it the same as October's because I haven't tallied up everything yet but I'm sure I'm pretty close to the budget (other than one purchase I didn't expect, but I guess I should have). Also because I'm lazy I have no time. Ugh, I keep making typos (hopefully this won't happen on my tests)!

Happy Halloween!

-the Paperboy

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